Novel Outline


Avenir  v.2.3.5

Avenir is a new kind of software for writers.

WriteItNow Novel Writing Software  v.4.0.3

WriteItNow is a professional program which is intended to assist you in novel writing. When you launch the program for the first time it displays an example project based on the novel 'Ophelia's Ghost'.


Novel Writing Made Easy Ex Soft

This Is What You'll Get With The Novel Writing Made Easy System 1. A 184-page e-book packed with all the information you need to easily plan and write a novel that editors will jump at the chance to publish. This book will lay out everything you need to

Movie Outline  v.3. 1. 2002

Movie Outline is innovative screenplay development software for both the novice and professional screenwriter which uses the simple technique of step-outlining to build your story, characters and screenplay scene by scene, allowing you to focus on ea

Novel Puzzle  v.1 7

Novel Puzzle is a computer version of 'Fifteen', a sliding puzzle game. In this game, you have a 4x4 matrix with fifteen sliding tiles and an empty space.

Outline Notes Creator  v.1.0.1

Create notes with this application. Outline Notes Creator is, well, just that - a notes creator for many various formats of notes. It currently has a single software to create simple outline notes.

Novel Studio  v.1.0.2

Novel Studio help you write more productively, while helping you to check your grammar, common writing mistakes and over used words as you go. Creative writing novel studio for editing manuscripts. The problems found will be highlighted in different

FontForge -- An Outline Font Editor  v.20110222

FontForge allows you to edit outline and bitmap fonts.

Image Outline

Create from your images in a simple manner image contours which are suitable for childrens painting books, as templates for window painting, for comics or as templates for embroidery pictures. The program provides assistance by searching edges. Once

The Outline of Science - Vol. 1  v.

What then is the aim of this book? It is to give the intelligent student-citizen, otherwise called the man in the street, a bunch of intellectual keys by which to open doors which have been hitherto shut to him,

Outline Beamer Class Presentation Maker  v.0.0.1

This perl script helps users to create LaTeX Beamer Class presentations with the lowest effort possible.

Stellar Phoenix Novel NWFS - Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix - Novell Netware Data Recovery Software(NWFS) recovers vital data from corrupt volume(s) of a crashed Server. Phoenix is easy and simple to use, and very robust for all kinds of hard drives for Novell Netware Partition and Data

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